There are no mountains and rocks in Odessa but there are many people who adore them. That's why these people built the climbing wall - artificial stand for training located directly at the beach. Very nice place and hasn't yet built-up restaurants and entertainment centers. The only negative is that the beach and the area is closed, but we hope that soon our society will understand that the fences can only interfere in such matters.climing wall

In the summertime on the territory of climbing gym situated a campsite for tents. And even if you have never heard about such kind of sport you will be able to climb on the training wall. With the help of professional instructors it'll be absolutely safely and unforgettable. As one climber said: -"The more fear - more attraction". And we can say very surprising thing that the most people from the first attempt achieved good results.

In addition there is a steep descent on inclined steel cable directly into the water. Very exciting!

Past season the prices were 40-50 UAH per one attempt to climb.

Camping is approximately 70 UAH per person. This includes place for tent, shower, toilet and kitchen. Expressway descent into the sea costs 50 UAH.

Contacts of one of the instructors:

+3809632381329, +380673780431,

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