deltaplanTo fly in awake, not in dream on motor hang-glider at the picturesque region between embayments close to Odessa. With the 300-meter height you discover the amazing views Khadzhybeivskogo, Kuyal'nytskogo embayments and the Black Sea. Qualified flight instructor will provide a safe flight, and if desired, enough portion of the extreme.


If you wish to fly, time and day of the flight must be first discuss.
You can choose the following options:

- first flight - a flight around the airfield, about 10 minutes,
- Gift (sightseeing flight + video) - flying over the sea and beach Luzanovka, about 20 minutes.
- with the ability to control motor hang-glider by passenger, about 30 minutes.
- for fans of extreme - more cool aerobatics.

video here

At your requestin flight (first and giftwe are doing pictures and filmingthe original photos and video footage given to you on your media (USB flash drive no less than 8GB- as a bonus.
It does not break down and not crashit can not lose and can not be stolen.
Its synonyms - the joy and excitementbeauty and happiness.
It is availablethough looks expensive and prestigious.

The giver of it just must be success.

if u want to try, just contact us