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  • Health Track (trassa Zdorov'ya). One of cozy places where you can still pass freely to the sea - the beaches along the Health Track: Langeron, Otrada, sobachiy (translate like dog's beach), Chkalovsky, nudist, Arcadia. This 5-kilometer asphalt road starts from the park to them. Shevchenko (Langeron beach) and runs along the coast to the beach Arcadia. Here, ride bicycles and roller skates, but cars there is almost not moving.
  • Luzanovka. The beach is Luzanovka in direction to Kotovsky area (poselok Kotovskogo). This is a public beach, characterized in that it is shallow in depth, and long: it is possible to pass on 1 - 1.5 km (from the Molodaya Gvardiya camp in direction to the city center). There's also a lot of discos and bars, no less than in Arcadia.
  • zatoka1Country side resort area. If travel outside the city along the Sea (southwest), will be long sandy beaches. There are resort areas with developed infrastructure Gribovka, Sanzheyka, Carolino Bugaz,Zatoka, it is small villages with a lot of tourists in the summer time. In most areas you may be reached by suburban electric train (near 10 UAH) and by buses (few prices more than train). Buses in that direction you can find close to railway station (do not cross any roads, just looking around).
  • Also, a lot of interesting places around Odessa's limans (estuaries).
  • Great importance in our city it is odessa's markets and bazaars, and to penetrate into its the world just have to go ,as a minimum, to Privoz, Starokonny and 7-km.
  • The market Privoz, everyone knows - there you may buy cheapest fresh homemade food. 15:00 it is not too late to come there to find something.
  • Starokonny Market - the center of Moldovanka (part of city), the old market of old Odessa. there people sell the animals, all for fishing, as well as on weekends few blocks around people bring all thing from homes and sell it on the streets with the land. They sell everything: from underpants to guns. Come before 14:00.
  • 7-km - one of the largest markets in Ukraine, almost all of what is sold in city shops, not only in Odessa, you can buy here. The streets have names, its divided by the types of goods, there is still division on national origin. Actual time to visit is from early morning until 12:00.


There are 2 bus stations in Odessa: bus station Privoz (close to railway station) and central bus station.

Railway Station - Center, 20-30 minutes walk or bus 121,133,145,146,242

Center - airport, bus 117

Center - the main bus station, bus 124

Center - Starokoniy (flea) market, bus 124

Centre - Market 7 miles, 522 bus

Center - Arcadia, trolleybus 5

Main bus station - Arcadia, tram 5

Also more information about regular transport in Odessa: 

The information about maritime traffic to Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia only at the website of Ukrferry company. There are cargo ships with passengers seats, depart from the Ilyichevsk sea port, which is situated in Odessa region, 1 hour by bus. The buses to Ilyichevsk you may find near railway (just outside, do not cross the street), it goes every 30 min. The tickets to ship you may buy at office of Ukrferry in Odessa, look at the map. It cost from 140$.

To Moldova buses go every 1 hour from central bus station, at summer time it goes from 7 am to 11 pm.

Where to eat in Odessa:

(updated at 2017)

This place founded as collaboration of 100 or 200 hundreds of locals, each give 1000 dollars, 70% of income will direct to social projects at Odessa. That people are not owners, but they will vote where to spend that money.

"City market of food"
Like hub of 6 cafes in one interesting space. Very new place.

As well I know adequate locals like such places like that:
That places you may eat 24 hours.

Cheap and nice canteens:
1) the network of modern canteen:

2) Opera housecanteen

For camping and hitchhiking:

You can set a tent in the wild (nude) beach, in parks not recommend

How to go to the road, out of city:

  • in direction to Moldova, bus 202 (bus stop Dva Stolba, the circle on the pass road)
  • in the direction of Kiev, bus 87,84,90 (bus stop Kleverniy most, the big road junction on the pass road)
  • in the direction of the Crimea, bus 241, 190, 130, 242, 168 (bus stop Paustovskogo)

Where go for a walk:

  • From the city center ask how to get to the Kirch(Kirha in russian)
  • From the center walk to the beach Langeron
  • Go to the Privoz market
  • Go to French boulevard from railway station and head towards the Arcadia, or take 5th tram from the station square (this is where McDonalds)
  • Health track is situated over all central beaches: from Langeron to Arcadia, here is conveniently accessible from the French boulevard, from the city center, if you go to the park Shevchenko and from the railway station
  • go to Hadzibeevsky estuary (liman) by the tram. Near Peresyp bridge find the tram number 20 (there will be first stop) and go to the last stop
  • 121 bus - a good option for individual sightseeing tour by your self - route length of about 30 km across the city, and passes through the area Tairovo, Cheryomushki, train station, center, Peresyp, settlement Kotovskogo (Poskot)
  • 15 tram - looking around old city areas Maldavanka and Slobodka


I do not know city in Ukraine which have so many songs about itself. Odessa national music, just click here.

 The same style by the modern musicians group translated like Money in advance)