Odessa catacombs tourUnder Odessa city and Odessa region we have a huge area of a labyrinth. A lot of legends and fake stories around it because it very bad known place. It is even not really catacombs). Only a small community and only a bit know it. That's why you can not find the real Odessa catacombs map. And even do not try to do it.

If you looking for the girl lost at Odessa catacombs, the Masha Odessa catacombs story? Sometimes it may happen that somebody lost because of it totally free of control by the government. Yes, it may be very dangerous to go there alone, especially if you do not tell anyone about. Probably the longest system of the labyrinth in the world. 


Wild odessa catacombs

There are a lot of entrances exists and sometimes open and then close and then again. There are few museums exist too. One is official and oldest and two other unofficial and very new full of new stuff made just to do the museum. 

For most people that do not have too big problems with the back we advise to visit abandoned wild part of Catacombs in Odessa. For people who scary or big groups of seniors probably it better to make a more soft visit at one of the museums which we also provide. 

There are a few articles about our tour made by our guests: 

  • here is by Fabian Schweyher
  • and here by Seth Miller
  • one more here by Joakim Rådström

The Wild Odessa Catacombs tour video by one guy from New Zealand). 

Excursions at Catacombs below Odessa to abandoned part:

Wild Catacombs tour is 2 hours underground, up to 4 hours from the time we meet at city center till you back. 

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