belgorod-d1Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy is the most ancient town in Ukraine and one of the most ancient town in the world. It's more than 2500 years old. Belgorod saw all nation visiting south of Ukraine - ancient Greeks, Heets, Huns, Byzantines, Genoeses, Slavs, Moldavians, Osmans - and all this nations have left their traces in the town or in the Belgorodskaya fortress.

belgorod-d2During the tour we'll visit the fortress of Belgorod Dnestrovsky - the most famous of all the defenders of the stronghold of the city, very old and well-preserved, washed by the waters of the estuary and has a beautiful view over the city. We will tell you about the most interesting events in the history of the fortress on all owners of the city - whether it's the Turks, Mongols and Tatars, Moldovans and Russian troops, the great rulers and generals, the Moldavian ruler Stephen the Great and the Turkish sultan Bayazede II which protected and recovered the fortress.

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