Odessa by locals with Nastya  Odessa by locals with Svitlana 

Locals would like to show around, to practice foreign languages, to find new friends from abroad or the future guides need someone to listen to them stories).

We like to travel as well and know that the best is getting new local friends and spend time together.

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There are no mountains and rocks in Odessa but there are many people who adore them. That's why these people built the climbing wall - artificial stand for training located directly at the beach. Very nice place and hasn't yet built-up restaurants and entertainment centers. The only negative is that the beach and the area is closed, but we hope that soon our society will understand that the fences can only interfere in such matters.climing wall

In the summertime on the territory of climbing gym situated a campsite for tents. And even if you have never heard about such kind of sport you will be able to climb on the training wall. With the help of professional instructors it'll be absolutely safely and unforgettable. As one climber said: -"The more fear - more attraction". And we can say very surprising thing that the most people from the first attempt achieved good results.

Odessa catacombs tourUnder Odessa city and Odessa region we have a huge area of a labyrinth. A lot of legends and fake stories around it because it very bad known place. It is even not really catacombs). Only a small community and only a bit know it. That's why you can not find the real Odessa catacombs map. And even do not try to do it.

If you looking for the girl lost at Odessa catacombs, the Masha Odessa catacombs story? Sometimes it may happen that somebody lost because of it totally free of control by the government. Yes, it may be very dangerous to go there alone, especially if you do not tell anyone about. Probably the longest system of the labyrinth in the world. 

deltaplanTo fly in awake, not in dream on motor hang-glider at the picturesque region between embayments close to Odessa. With the 300-meter height you discover the amazing views Khadzhybeivskogo, Kuyal'nytskogo embayments and the Black Sea. Qualified flight instructor will provide a safe flight, and if desired, enough portion of the extreme.


The orienteering competition regularly happen in Odessa. Here is can take part as professionals, as well those who came here for the first time. There are no any skills needed for this and it is not only interesting for be winner or be loser, it is interesting just to learn something new for youself, and for tourists it may be interested in places where such activities are happen and meet interesting active people.